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Andy Raven ~ urban folk Andy Raven ~ urban folk | Lyrics | Money talks

Andy Raven ~ urban folk

Money talks

The President’s promises lie like oil,
They slide beneath the land,
And the hyperbole from Downing Street sounds like
So many statements built on sinking sand.

Freedom & democracy seem to
walk hand-in-hand with this
U-S / European hypocrisy of our
not-so-civilised Western land.

It’s ironic when you come to realise
Just how civilised we’ve become when we
Force our own special brand of freedom on our enemies
From the barrel of a loaded gun.

So raise your glasses,
And drink a toast
The stocks are rising,
Roll out the bank notes,
We’ll hide in shadows where dishonesty walks,
The truth is torn and twisted,
It’s Money Talks.

So we sell our arms to these tyranic regimes
Whose records on human rights are worse than those of
Guantanamo Bay detainees –
Before you turn the tables, clean your own record first.

Now how can your electorate be sure that you’re not
Spilling blood on foreign soil
Under cover of this ‘anti-terrorism’ war just to
Get your crude hands on this selfish oil?

Now raise your guns,
Drink to the cause
Cause those who make the rules are above the laws.
Who’ll judge the judges when the judge is up in court?
It’s not justice that’s established, it’s
Money Talks.

… I dare to dream that there’s a different plan …
… I see our friendship reaching out its hand …

In your dreams you see the American Flag,
But it’s lying on your tomb,
Every star is a bullet hole,
Every stripe is a deep red wound.

So raise your guns,
Drink a toast,
The stocks are rising, roll out the bank notes.
The rich are getting richer, popping champagne corks.
Peace is just a whisper, it’s

music and lyrics © Andy Raven 2007