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Andy Raven ~ urban folk Andy Raven ~ urban folk | Lyrics | Why did Rachel Corrie die?

Andy Raven ~ urban folk

Why did Rachel Corrie die?

How did Rachel Corrie Die?
Who and what’s the reason why?

Not I says the President, who smiling shakes Sharon’s hand
And watches as Israeli tanks level Palestinian land.
It’s not a question of what’s right but what the electorate would like –
If I changed foreign policy the people might not vote for me.
I haven’t been asked to make a change, just smoke out mad Saddam Hussein.
I can’t be held to blame.

Not me the European said, who looking blank scratches his head –
I’m not involved in foreign lands, I can’t be expected to understand.
The Middle East is far away, and right or wrong I couldn’t say.
I can’t be responsible for what these angry foreigners do.
Why can’t things just stay the same?
I cannot be to blame.

Not I said the religious man, of Christian, Jew or faith Islam
Who with his bible or Koran, says it’s not mine but God’s command
To squabble on this holy land.
And whilst it says thou shalt not kill
It must have been God’s holy will,
I know her parents suffer this way but she should not have got in the way …

Not us says Israel at whose hands Rachel Corrie fell;
whose actions aren’t compatible with human rights, but what the hell?
So they break international law, it’s necessary to ‘win the war’.
The reaons change the result remains,
they cannot be to blame.

Not me, the Israeli soldier said
who ploughed the earth over Corrie’s head.
I had my orders, my command to level this border’s moving ground.
The reason’s not mine to understand,
I’m just a part in a bigger game.
I cannot be to blame.

How did Rachel Corrie Die?
Who and what’s the reason why?

music by Bob Dylan / lyrics by Andy Raven